Hi...I am 

Chef Jocelyn

I have always loved food, the idea of food and the magic of it.  I loved how food always brought people together.  As a child I would enjoy watching my Mother and Grandmother make something incredible and edible out of the humblest of ingredients.  I would wait to help them hoping they would let me lick the spoon or have the first bite.  I was totally in awe as my older brother created wonderful dishes as a country club Executive Chef.   I developed a passion for creating delicious meals for my friends and family and the overall art of entertaining. I had a light bulb moment resulting in a career change from the accounting industry to the food industry.  With a degree in both the Culinary Arts and in CA - Pastry/Baking Specialization, I transitioned from "the lady that can really cook" to "The Chef Lady"- the name given to me by my nephew.  I have found that one of my simplest pleasures is providing happiness to others through food.